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Short Story (Flash fiction) – “The Phone”

The corridor is something like this…

‘We finally finished!’ I thought as the school bell rang throughout the school. It had been a hectic and tiring day, learning about useless information that may one day serve us. It was torture. A prison and we were the captives, whose wings had been cut and sent to this old worn down cage. Like my classmates, I quickly packed up my stuff, shoving all my books and papers into the bag. ‘Cora, come on, let’s go’ said Sally as she stood by the door waiting for me. ‘Wait, Coming!’ I responded as I used all my strength to zip up the zipper. The black leather bag was packed to the brim with no air to spare. After responding, I hurriedly turned to the door with my over-packed bag over my shoulder, straining my shoulders and causing me to unconsciously slouch. We went through a series of corridors and hallways before arriving at the grand staircase. Beyond the staircase was another hallway leading to the school gate. 

‘Omg, wait for me, I can’t breathe’ I cried as we descended from the last steps of the staircase. After that, we went to the crowded gate, having a tug of war with the parents and students as we try to find our respective guardians. No sooner than 10 minutes, Sally already found hers, but unfortunately, my guardian was nowhere in sight. After saying farewell to Sally, I went to the hallway to wait for my guardian, for fear of getting pushed out of the school if I were to wait in the gate. 

As I waited for my guardian, I went through my homework and assignments, using the opportunity to finish up my workload, so I could procrastinate when I got back. As seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned to hours, I started getting worried. So I took my bag and went to the now-empty gate, even the guard who is usually seen sitting there was gone. I stood there waiting patiently for a while, before dragging my burdensome bag next to the big bulletin board beside.

Without anything to do and the fact that my phone has less than 20%, I thought I might as well go exploring the school. Anyways my guardian could call me when she arrives. Hence, I decided to go on an adventure inside the school, with my phone as my sidekick and backup, if I were to get lost. I started my adventure from the hallway next to the school gate, and while strolling down the hallway to the stairs, I thought about the legacy of the school. The school had been a little over a century and had probably gone through an unimaginable number of casualties and reparations as the school had even gone through World War 2. Thinking through the history of the school, made me start regretting my decision to go exploring alone, especially when almost everyone had gone back home already. 

Yet, at the same time, I felt a surge of adrenaline rushing to me as my curiosity got the best of me after thinking through the school’s history. It made me wonder the scenarios every corner and nook had, whether the school became a haven for the wounded, or was it ambushed during the war. It was all so intriguing to me as a History lover. So I decided to continue on my journey. Perhaps I might even find some secret room or something no one had ever seen. And even if I didn’t find anything interesting, I could still share this adventure with my friends. 

It’s now 5:45 pm and my guardian hasn’t called me yet, I thought while walking through a corridor. Some of the lights had been turned off, so I had to curb in my fear and briskly tread along some of the places. At this point in time, I must admit, it took me a great deal of courage not to turn around and run to the hallway next to the school gate. I never noticed the school was so unnerving until now, there was something off and eerie about the school, yet, despite that, I still persisted on going further into the exploration. But soon after that, I would come to regret this decision. 

It was another dimly-lit, long and narrow corridor with big glass doors at its sides. The glass doors led to the teachers’ offices. Just as I walked past the center of the corridor, I felt a sense of foreboding, like something bad was going to happen. My intuition was telling me to run for my life, but just when I tried to hasten my pace, a gush of air seemingly went through me. It felt chilling like someone was there behind me. Straightaway, I was filled with dread and apprehension as I stilled on my spot. Instantly, I heard a voice calling from behind, ‘Cora’, ‘Cora’ again and again. I was stupefied for it was Sally’s voice, but I was certain that I saw her going home already, I even bade her my farewell. But despite that, without fully processing what I was doing, I turned around. Only to see no one. Nevertheless, I steeled my feet and called back questioningly, ‘Sally? Sally is that you? Are you there?’ When no one answered, I started panicking mentally as the alarms in my head started ringing. I felt sick. ‘I give up’, I thought as I ran for my life, without ever looking back. I went on full speed, running as fast as I can to get out of that daunting place. I desperately wanted to cry, but I held them back, trying to focus all my energy on escaping the place, escaping the school. 

Luckily, by the time I got to the gate, my guardian was already there, waiting for me, with my bag over her shoulders. I felt a sense of relief washing over me from seeing her. ‘Where were you? What took you so long?’, I asked as we got on to the car. ‘There was another traffic, and when I got to the school gate, I only saw your bag beside the bulletin board. I tried calling your phone several times, but you never answered.’ she answered. ‘Wait, what? You called me?’, shakily I took out my phone from my pocket, only to see numerous miss calls flashing on the screen. I tried reasoning with myself that perhaps my phone was on silent mode. But just as I was planning on checking the phone, the phone rang… and the caller was Sally… THE END


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