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Protected: Short Story (Flash fiction) – “Un-Forgotten Scars”

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Short Story (Mini-Saga): “Aching Fingers”

I gave up, I thought. It was never mine, the need, the want, the desire. “It’s for your own good”, they said. Is it? Then why do I feel empty inside me? My fingers are aching, my neck is sore, my shoulders, tired. This wasn’t what I wanted. I don’t feel happy. When was it, when did this requirement became my passion and ended up as a chore? 

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Short Story (Mini-saga) – “Offered Hand”

Everyone was waiting, staring at me. Irritation was in their eyes. Dissatisfaction, evident in their faces. Their patience was limited. Time was ticking. Yet, I was rendered immobile. Paralyzed. Trauma was all I saw. I couldn’t hear the jeering crowd. It was silent. I couldn’t breathe. It hurts.  My heart was beating rapidly. Yet, time stood still. Then, before me, a hand appeared. I felt safe…