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Short Story (Mini-saga): “Fear”

‘It’s coming’, I thought as I braced myself. People were screaming, yelling their hearts out. But all I heard was my heartbeat, ‘lubdub’, ‘lubdub’. A sense of calmness pervading throughout my body as I ignored my fear. Struggling against it. I tried to hold it in. The fear, the urge, the senses, how I wish to block them all. 

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Hello! Random people from random places, coming here for random stories!

Although it’s only been a couple of days. Thank you for your views and likes. I truly appreciated it. It had really encouraged me to write more stories, so much that I’m almost addicted to it. But alas, due to my hectic schedule, I have to post less frequently from now on. I’ve also decided to mainly post about mini-sagas, so yeah… Thank you! Wish you all a nice day!