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Short Story (Mini-saga): “Retreat”

“You keep a lot to yourself , because it’s difficult to find people who understands.”

It’s ok to feel lonely at times.

Waiting in the desolate shadows, wondering when the day would come. Hopeless and helpless. A torturous, never-ending journey, it seems. Craving for salvation. In desperation, cried and hid. Thought when redemption would come. It was empty, hollow, and lonely. Overtime, the pattern stretched. A tapestry woven. Once hated, the isolated, barren dark. Unforgiving and cold, it was. Yet, there it was, invoking a sense of peacefulness, belonging, for the lonesome soul. 

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Short Story (Mini-saga): “Constant”

Question: Is there really such thing as constant?

Thought the taste would be different, the feeling would change. Anxiousness laid. Once tried, assumptions were answered. Questions forgotten. The truth spoke. Inherent and revealing. Finally, the restless rested, reveled in the constant. It was the same. No more pretentiousness and bluffing. It was not necessary, for nothing had changed.

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Short Story (Mini-saga): Lost

Some paths intersect, some paths diverge. What one thought was true, turns out to be false. What was once so precious, cherished as it may be, was nothing but a false hope, could be thrown away so easily. From the very beginning, It must be destiny, we thought. Yes, destined to cross paths only for it to be lost. We were fated to be apart. Now, a change in scenery elapsed. Alas, time won’t tolerate instead, determined. What was longed now, was lost… What was lost in love, was eventually, lost love…

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Short Story (Mini-saga): “Fear”

‘It’s coming’, I thought as I braced myself. People were screaming, yelling their hearts out. But all I heard was my heartbeat, ‘lubdub’, ‘lubdub’. A sense of calmness pervading throughout my body as I ignored my fear. Struggling against it. I tried to hold it in. The fear, the urge, the senses, how I wish to block them all. 

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Hello! Random people from random places, coming here for random stories!

Although it’s only been a couple of days. Thank you for your views and likes. I truly appreciated it. It had really encouraged me to write more stories, so much that I’m almost addicted to it. But alas, due to my hectic schedule, I have to post less frequently from now on. I’ve also decided to mainly post about mini-sagas, so yeah… Thank you! Wish you all a nice day! 


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Short Story (Mini-saga): “Hopeful Heart”

Retrouvailles [French] – The happiness of meeting again after a long time.

A coward, I was. Words I dare not utter. For fear, everything would change. Yet, unknowingly, things already changed. Separate paths were laid. Destiny awaits us and time had no patience. We were forced to move on. Outgrowing each other. A hopeful heart arises, seeking for a promise of a union, a chance encounter once again…