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Short Story (Mini-saga): “Retreat”

“You keep a lot to yourself , because it’s difficult to find people who understands.”

It’s ok to feel lonely at times.

Waiting in the desolate shadows, wondering when the day would come. Hopeless and helpless. A torturous, never-ending journey, it seems. Craving for salvation. In desperation, cried and hid. Thought when redemption would come. It was empty, hollow, and lonely. Overtime, the pattern stretched. A tapestry woven. Once hated, the isolated, barren dark. Unforgiving and cold, it was. Yet, there it was, invoking a sense of peacefulness, belonging, for the lonesome soul. 

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Short Story (Mini-saga): “Constant”

Question: Is there really such thing as constant?

Thought the taste would be different, the feeling would change. Anxiousness laid. Once tried, assumptions were answered. Questions forgotten. The truth spoke. Inherent and revealing. Finally, the restless rested, reveled in the constant. It was the same. No more pretentiousness and bluffing. It was not necessary, for nothing had changed.

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Short Story (Mini-saga): Lost

Some paths intersect, some paths diverge. What one thought was true, turns out to be false. What was once so precious, cherished as it may be, was nothing but a false hope, could be thrown away so easily. From the very beginning, It must be destiny, we thought. Yes, destined to cross paths only for it to be lost. We were fated to be apart. Now, a change in scenery elapsed. Alas, time won’t tolerate instead, determined. What was longed now, was lost… What was lost in love, was eventually, lost love…

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Short Story (Mini-saga): “Fear”

‘It’s coming’, I thought as I braced myself. People were screaming, yelling their hearts out. But all I heard was my heartbeat, ‘lubdub’, ‘lubdub’. A sense of calmness pervading throughout my body as I ignored my fear. Struggling against it. I tried to hold it in. The fear, the urge, the senses, how I wish to block them all. 

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Hello! Random people from random places, coming here for random stories!

Although it’s only been a couple of days. Thank you for your views and likes. I truly appreciated it. It had really encouraged me to write more stories, so much that I’m almost addicted to it. But alas, due to my hectic schedule, I have to post less frequently from now on. I’ve also decided to mainly post about mini-sagas, so yeah… Thank you! Wish you all a nice day! 


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Short Story (Mini-saga): “Hopeful Heart”

Retrouvailles [French] – The happiness of meeting again after a long time.

A coward, I was. Words I dare not utter. For fear, everything would change. Yet, unknowingly, things already changed. Separate paths were laid. Destiny awaits us and time had no patience. We were forced to move on. Outgrowing each other. A hopeful heart arises, seeking for a promise of a union, a chance encounter once again…

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Short Story (Mini-saga): “Strangers”

A long period of separation ensued, what was there before, was inevitably, forever lost. The sparks that were ever-present before, had vanished. Replaced by awkward smiles and small talks. It was heartbreaking. What was so compatible before, so drawn to each other, like a moth to light had faded. Burnt and gone…

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Short Story (Flash fiction): “The Flood”

Note: This story might sound a bit boring… so yeah..

‘Ughh!, why is it so cold?!’ I grumbled as I got up from the bed, adjusting the temperature. It had been raining non-stop these days. There’s hasn’t even been an ounce of sunlight shining through the window these past few days. There’s only been rain, rain, and even more rain. And aside from the rain, there’s also the not-so-occasional thunder and lightning combo appearing every now and then. And what’s worse is that the streets had been flooded since day 1. The dark mixture doesn’t even stop at the ankle, it reaches more than half of an adult human body. It’s been three days since it started. It’s a curse and a blessing all wrapped up together, not knowing how to differentiate between the two. A curse because people, no, even cars could barely cross the street. And with the street being so dirty, it couldn’t be any better. It was a recipe for disaster. Plus, the people in the countryside would definitely take the hardest hit, some of the houses would have probably been demolished by now, moreover, in this kind of weather, I doubted if any of the crops could survive. And a blessing because the class is suspended, that means no one has to go to school! I mean, with a weather like this, even if the class is still compulsory, I really think no one would come to school just to attend class unless that student is really that dedicated and ambitious in his or her studies. I bet even the teachers won’t come to school. So everyone, not only students can just laze around the house, without being called lazy. 

‘Dude, come quick, the basement of the building is drowning! Come, quick!’ said my 6-year-old little brother as he dragged me out of the room and into the mess of a terrace. Most people would define it as it looking like it had been run over by a truck. However, in my case, it’s been blasted by a gust of powerful wind with a sprinkle (definitely not) of water here and there to tie in the beautiful art (ahem, mess). ‘I thought the basement drowned long, long ago.’ I replied with a snort to my little brother, while purposely shoving my hand onto his hair and ruining it. ‘Yeah, it did, but they somehow eased the situation, the water even went down by a tiny bit.’ replied the kid with the tousled hair look, not even minding the birds’ nest on his head. ‘Ohhh, then what’s so fun about that?’ ‘Well, it is.’ ‘It’s not’ ‘It is!’ ‘Not’ ‘Is!’ as we argued back and forth. 

Just as we were about to get physical, ‘Now, now, kids, let’s all be friends and stop fighting, ok? Please’ said my aunt as she tried to separate the two siblings from each other, creating quite a distance between them. ‘Just let them be, you’re only gonna get pissed trying to stop them. You might even get involved in the fight by stopping them and coming in between.’ said the sleepy-looking guy who still had a bit of saliva at the corner of his mouth and has a nest, more creative than the one I made earlier. It was my older brother. ‘Well, look who it is, I thought you died from the hours you spent hibernating in that disgusting cave of yours.’ I daringly mocked as I hid behind my aunt, revealing only my head, scared of getting beaten up early in the morning. ‘Yeah, Yeah, just shut up, will you?’ he responded as he went back to his room, into the toilet with a set of towels and clothes on hand. 

‘Crap!, there’s no water!’ yelled my brother as he ran out of the room half-naked with his hair sticky from the shampoo. Instantly, the house was filled with laughter and sniggers. ‘Man, you should have seen your face!’ I said in-between the laughs. ‘Epic!’ said my little brother as we teased him further. ‘Haha, wanna get hit, hmm?’ said my older brother threateningly as he waved his fists in the air, trying to look intimidating. ‘Kids! Violence is prohibited in the house, ok? William, go back into your room! My god, you’re half-naked!’ said my aunt, coming in between us again while pushing the older brother back to his room.

Due to the typhoon, the building has been in a state of chaos and somehow the water supply in the building has been cut or disabled. Luckily, there’s still electricity in the building. However, it definitely won’t be too long before the whole building starts experiencing blackouts. By that time, all the teenagers living in the building would probably be groaning in pain or shouting like a banshee and or having a nervous breakdown due to the lack of entertainment provided by the internet. 

<30 minutes later>

‘Looks like, we’re playing hide and seek.’ as I said without looking at Sally, my best friend, who happens to be living in the same condominium as I am. ‘Of course, we are, you jinxed us!’ yelled Sally as she started hitting me by the arm. ‘Ow! It hurts, it hurts, I apologize, ok?’ as I cried out in pain. ‘You better. Now, back to the topic of playing hide and seek. Since you’ve jinxed us, we’re gonna play it my way and in my rules. The first and only rule is that the whole building will be our battlefield.’ said Sally as she turned to face everyone. In total, there are about 10 people playing the game. Me, my older and little brother (3 people), Sally’s older and younger cousins (4 people), and another friend and classmate of mine who also happens to be living in the same building as us, Benedict and her two little sisters (3 people). 

‘Oh!, come on. Bro, the whole building cannot function! You do realize that we live in a building with 40 floors right? And now that there’s a blackout in the whole building, we can’t use the freaking elevator.’ I said as I look at Sally exasperatedly. ‘Ya, but it’s your fault for jinxing everyone in the building.’ as she refuted back with sounds of agreement across the room. ‘What the- why is everyone always ganging up on me. Y’all all agree with her, so does that mean you all don’t mind going up and down using the stairs?’ I questioned them as I glared at everyone in the room. ‘Oh, we do mind, but this way it’s more fun.’ Benedict expressed. ‘Fine! I give up! Y’all are all insane!’ I said, annoyed. ‘Cora, I mean, look at the bright side, you’ll be able to lose weight this way.’ teased Sally. Causing everyone to erupt into laughter, including me. 

After that day, Cora’s and everyone’s legs were sore from climbing up and down the stairs. With some of them, having bruises all over their arms and legs as they accidentally rolled down the stairs (Ouch! I know right?). 

The End.